DeSoto Firesweep Shopper 1957

You can read more about the story of this car from an article written by Paula Johanna Adamson in Autogeenius (unfortunately, in Estonian). It wasn’t exactly what you call a fender-bender. We’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. There wasn’t much to disassemble. Most of it came off with compressed air.   The scariest part was under the carpet. It’s quite magnificient to think that there was still something left of the car, when keeping Read more…

Dodge Custom 880 1963

She was actually a project we did in different stages. The first was to do a quick maintenance (rust-repair) on the chassis, paint the hood and roof. The interior before and after. Later, the car had rear fenders done in the same style as the roof and bonnet.

Lincoln Continental Mark V 1978

A bit easier restauration. The water which had leaked under the leather roof had made a bit of a mess. We had to remove the old roof. Waiting for primer. Chassis before painting. The hood after painting.

Rims for a BMW Z3

Thansk Karl Kirs for the picturest!   Some time later we also did a miniature model of this car. This required repainting of the body.

Formula Student Team Tallinn

We have also helped Formula Student Team Tallinn boys and girls. On FEST12 prototype, we painted the wing endplates and body. But since it had to be maximum lightweight, we couldn’t just throw anything on it. If we rembember right, the whole putty-primer-paint weighed 260g. This paintjob was the longest one we’ve had. Started at 12:00 and finised around 6:00.     With FEST13, in addition to the endplates and body, we also helped in Read more…